Watch Xero Transform the Good & Co. Workflow

BY ON October 12, 2017

“Xero for us, was the perfect tool to give us the ability to easily understand what our financials look like at the moment” says Sebastian.


Sebastian Freude, chief of staff at San Francisco-based Good & Co, has a belief that there are no bad employees or companies – just a bad fit. So it’s no surprise that he sought the right partnerships to take his company forward. That’s where Expensify came in to help capture their expenses. From there, EisnerAmper from New York took them to the next step. And at the center of it all was Xero.


“As part of EisnerAmper’s virtual business services, we help emerging companies like Good & Co and other startups prepare financials to present to VCs or possible investors – so they’ll have a nice set of present...