How Hurricane Irma Proves your Business Needs to be on the Cloud

BY ON October 10, 2017

How Hurricane Irma Proves Your Business Needs To Be on The Cloud

Last month, Hurricane Irma set new flooding records in Florida and the Florida Keys. In Jacksonville, we saw our own share of apocalyptic conditions. Hurricane downfalls left over 5 feet of water in their wake, surpassing the previous 1960s record of 49 inches. As an accounting business, we work with hundreds of small businesses in the area and are intimately familiar with how this disaster has affected them. One of the greatest challenges businesses face post-hurricane is getting back online. Many of them, however, are struggling to shift through ruined paperwork and faulty data storage that was damaged during the storm. While it may be too late for them, there is something you can do to avoid becoming the victim of the next Hurricane Irma: join the cloud.

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