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40 Families in the Virgin Islands

Direct Hurricane Relief for Victims of Irma and Maria

In September two monster hurricanes hit the US territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands one right after another. These storms wiped out homes and infrastructure and temporarily closed the tourist industry that provides jobs and livelihoods for the local residents. Many families are left with nothing more than the shirts on their backs.

In the Virgin Islands, local resort staff who lost their homes have been granted short term temporary housing by Marriott. These are the housekeepers, chefs, maintenance, and other staff who live on the Island. Through our relationship with Marriott, we have an opportunity to provide them with clothing, hygiene, and other basic supplies while they are displaced and to help them rebuild their lives.

How can you help?

We have identified about 40 families who have lost everything and are living in the temporary housing. We will be sending supplies down in a shipping crate that Marriott will get directly to these families. In addition, we will use donated funds to buy new underwear, hygiene supplies, and other basic necessities. You can send gently used tropical climate clothing, unopened supplies, and funds. The money will be used to buy bulk supplies and to help them rebuild their lives. Our staff donates our time to keep administration costs extremely low so that 100% of the funds donated can be used for the cause.

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